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In January 1972, the wood merchants Thomas Logemann and Karl Waibel established in Mannheim the wood commercial company



Both owner were experienced in import and export as well as also in the production of logs and timbers. Property knowdledge in the processing of the different woods in the various branches of the wood- and veneerindustry, in the craft of the furniture-production, in the musical-instruments-manufacturing and other productions helped the business within a short time to a good reputation of the reliability and agreeable partners.In the time of the foundation as well as also in the following years, Mannheim was a known and big cover-place for tropic-woods, mainly from West-Afrikca. Huge quantities were handling over there, sawned on several wage-sawmills and delivered to our customers. Plywood- and veneer-companies have been supplied their demand in Mannheim.Today exists nothing more from this. The change of the wishes from our customer - from the tropics-wood to the European wood - brought the change.
Also our business, which profited from the trade with overseas-woods previously almost exclusively, adapted itself to the customer-wishes, bought, dealt and produced from now more and more European and native woods - with much success.On the basis of this changeover, it wasn't necessary, to stay on in Mannheim, and in the year 1992, the company transferred the place to Neckargemuend /near Heidelberg.Also the name of the company has changed in


At the end of 1996, the co-owner Karl Waibel retired for age-reasons and died unfortunately in the following year.Since then, the company was continued under the owner Thomas Logemann - with good and reliable co-workers.2002, Mr. René Logemann began with his training in wood business in the company. He did his work very well, so that, in the year 2006 he took the guidance together with his dad Thomas Logemann. Since 01/01/2006 the company is know as